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Meeke Engineering is being serving mining and minerals sector for two decades and has a major component of Meeke Engineering business.

We have extensive experience in manufacturing of complex products produced to service this sector, such as Large mining equipment’s component fabrication and machining, Wear products, Air separators, Dust seal bonnet and retainers, Sleeve Shafts, Ceramic and Rubber lined parts, Hy-Flow Valves, Trunion Roller, Medium to Large Bearing and gear Housings assemblies, medium to heavy equipment and assembly, etc. are some to mention.

Breakdown time in mining would cost fortune; Meeke Engineering has always proven the customers of its prompt reliable service and on time delivery for urgency that are difficult to procure from manufacturer in Australia or Overseas. All products manufactured at Meeke are quality screened as Quality System that meets the requirement of ISO9001:2008.

We are the expert-second to none.

Mining Services: